Saturday, 20 June 2015


Hello... To whoever that's still reading this space...

Remember in the very last post, which is like in January... On what my current plans are.. That is as per below said :
  1. Korea trip! waiting to confirm some dates so that we can carry on with booking our flights and stay there. - Went and came back (Find #JCTravlog on Instagram and you will be able to see the pathetic few photos we have posted during our 2 weeks there. lol).. Back with more updates hopefully soon.. Photos are very much still inside the camera and i think i have photos from Jan or Feb that's still very much not uploaded yet. oops.
Let elaborate a little on the below mentioned:
Going back to school! For real this time... Counting down to the days where i can have more time to myself. Time to myself is so restricted to weekends now that i feel that i dont have time for anything. :( 
I actually have written a drafted post on this (draft in Mid-Jan.. and forgot all about it.. dots) and namely it "左右為難" at that point of time because it's still stressful to me having to make decisions. Me and my decision making issue... Long story short, which is.. this plan is postponed to Jan 2016. I got the increment that i have requested, the 2015 bonus that was promised which will be given to me if i stayed till end of the year and the only thing i have to give in is to stay for another half a year (instead of leaving by June 2015). That sound good enough. Thus I am going for the Jan 2016 intake instead of July 2015 intake.

Now for actual updates with life recently.. Or rather for the sake of having some memories that i can look back..

Show time..
  • 娛樂百分百 - 10th (or slightly more?) year watching and still going strong...
  • Healer -  Best show i have watched till date. 지창욱 is the cause of it. hehe.
  • Doctor Stranger - Finally done with this show. Not that bad considering that i watched it right after finishing Healer.
  • Misaengmul (未生) - Just started watching first episode, hopefully it's good since the reviews for this show is real good.
  • 我的寶貝四千金 - Really good Taiwan show that i got stuck to thus the lack of time to watch all other drama. 80+ episodes, don't say i never warn.
  • 好想談戀愛 - Currently watching every week since it's still ongoing in Taiwan. another 70-80+ episode drama. Not much interest in wanting to watch this show until i saw 竇智孔 being one of the main.. Gave in and started watching.
  • 莫非,这就是爱情 - Putting this on hold since it's airing once per week in Taiwan. But so going to watch it because there's 唐禹哲. But heard the rating is quite high in Taiwan, so hopefully it's good.

Ok, that's all i can rmb.. It may seems a lot, but then i still have like 100+ (Ok, a bit exaggerating) dramas to watch and the list is like never ending.

Ever since working with the current company, i have been visiting so many new cafes/places with the best colleagues that i have. Partly it's also because one of my colleague has got a car of her own and we get to go to "new" places with her driving us around and bringing us to places that me + another colleague has never been to before. hehe. if not the 宅女 + 路痴 in me will never get out of familiar places like Pasir Ris/Tampines/Bedok.  #bestcolleagueawardgoestoher

and yes, i really missed Super Show 6 (just cause i'm in Korea during the time they came to Singapore for the concert), and that's the last before 오빠 enlist in the army end of this year. :( There's nth i could do about it but wait for the next one.

That's about it to this post. :)



Be healthy, Goodbye :)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015


The space has been pretty much dead for quite some time already. No sense of guilty at all. :P

Let's take a look at what had very much happened in 2014.

February 2014
  1. Annual CNY meetup with the clique at Adeline's house. The shortest amount of time i have ever spent with them after so many years of CNY meetup just cause i got the dad to come fetch me when they are going over Alfred's house and it was way too early.
  2. Brought both the boys (Caisheng and Kaiwen) together with the Shuang to Singapore Airshow just cause their dad got free tickets.

March 2014
  1. Universal Studio with the clique (Like finally!! after talking about it for so many years!!) and had lots of fun. Played every single ride that even i'm proud of myself. But the consecutive mummy ride at the end almost made me puke!

April 2014
  1. Xinjie and Randy's birthday celebration~ An annual thing for our clique. Had a "Chillax" dinner and then followed by some games session and the late night talking(i think? lol).

May 2014
  1. First ever trip with friends. Off we went to Taiwan for a short 1 week trip~ Think they are planning on going again in 2016. hahahaha. let's see if it happens by then. I doubt the post on it will be out. dots.

June 2014
  1. Our clique had like 2 super random yet super fun meetups. 1 to Kbox for some singing + drinking + game session, the other is just a talking + photo + relax session at Esplanade. The Esplanade meetup was really a destress session. On the same night before meeting the clique at Esplanade, me and the colleagues went to Crystal Jade at Zhongshan Mall for dinner.

July 2014
  1. Korean food (that's not even worth mentioning the name cause it's so yucky and expensive!) for dinner with the clique (supposedly for Wenxian's birthday but she's ended work late so we went ahead to have dinner without her) and then went back to waste a bit of time and off to the usual place at Hoot for a second round of food plus drink while waiting for birthday girl to come.

September 2014
  1. Jiayu jiejie's mummy 60th birthday celebration. Yummy food and photo time. After which off we went for shopping.

October 2014
  1. Bangkok with my favourite colleagues. A really last minute and short 3 days 2 nights trip there during the long holiday that we can go together. Air tickets + Hotels confirmed and booked within a 1 hour time frame. That's how last minute it is.
  2. Babygirl Yanqi's 2nd birthday celebration
  3. Back to NYP with Adeline, Xinjie and Wenxian on my birthday cause we can and got nothing better to do that day. LOL! Loves them so super much cause they got me what i really wanted even thou it's very much at home rotting right now.

November 2014
  1. Penjamin's birthday celebration. and we went back to our new found love place, Toa Payoh's Kbox. We went there randomly and we instantly fell in love with that place just cause we got the big room and that place is so huge. hahaha. Simple things like this make us happy.

December 2014
  1. Kukup trip with the paternal family side. It was more of a torture there that we just wished we could be back in Singapore. lol.
  2. JB one day trip with the clique (Adeline, Xinjie, Wenxian and Penjamin) the week after Kukup.
  3. Adeline's birthday celebration + Kbox
  4. Christmas gift exchange with the colleagues
  5. Christmas celebration at auntie's house after half day of work
  6. Christmas gift exchange with the clique
  7. Off work on New year eve and off i went shopping with Shuang cause i'm in need of a floral outfit for one of my ex-colleague ROM that on 3 Jan. After which off to the same auntie's house again for countdown party.

That's pretty much what happened in 2014, and some would most probably have known from my photos updates in Facebook. lol. There's no recollection of what happened in August since there's no photos at all. and most probably missed out those random meetups + dinner or whatever that might have happened but no photos.

My life is pretty much spent with the clique and family and work and my all-time favourite dramas. Super no life at all.

Waiting for 2015 resolution? Nah, never have i done any resolution in my entire life, and neither do i even have one in the first place.

My plans so far...
  1. Korea trip! waiting to confirm some dates so that we can carry on with booking our flights and stay there.
  2. Going back to school! For real this time... Counting down to the days where i can have more time to myself. Time to myself is so restricted to weekends now that i feel that i dont have time for anything. :(

The very 2 major things that im concerned so far. Of course the other one has got to be wanting SS6 Singapore to faster confirm the dates or if there's non, then at the very least let us know. lol. Was telling the sis that my six sense is telling me they will announce after CNY if there's one in the first place. aiish.

That's about it. The boring life of mine. Let's hope 2015 will be better with the possible changes that is coming really soon.


Be healthy, Goodbye :)